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Accidents are traumatic. They can happen to anyone at the most unexpected time. An accident means that you will be requiring help of police, ambulance and tow truck to get your damaged vehicle to a mechanic. All this sums up to a cost you may not be expecting to pay. In order to avoid being overcharged, here is a story of a man who revealed how tow trucks can really rip you off into paying as high as $12,000.

This story is of a man who suffered an accident and had minor injuries. When the accident happened, the police arrived at the scene with a tow truck to get the car into safety, possibly a mechanic where the car would be repaired.

The man had suffered injuries which rendered him unable to move or stay focused on what was going on. This is when the two truck driver took his opportunity. The man had no idea where his car was being taken because he was so shaken from the accident that he had no focus at what was going on.

After coming into his senses, the man inquired from the police officer where his car was being taken and the officer told him that the car would be taken to a nearby impound. By this time, the tow truck was already off with the car but the man insisted that he wanted to send off his car to a mechanic instead of a impound. After getting the contact details of the tow truck driver, he was able to communicate with the tow truck driver who had only gone a few miles ahead. The man insisted that he stop and go to a mechanic instead. The tow truck driver returned to the scene and to the surprise of the man suffering from the accident, he was asked to sign a paper that would cost him $160.

He asked the police officer if it was legal to charge this much amount to which he said yes it was legal. This was very surprising but due to injuries and shock, the man had no choice but to sign the paper. Amidst all this, he forgot to gave the address of the mechanic and the tow truck took the car to a random mechanic.

When the man finally realized that he had not given the address of the mechanic, it was too late, almost 4 days late. This is when he got the contact details of the mechanic who told him that it would cost over $12,000 to fix minor damages to the car. When the man insisted that his car returned, the mechanic asked him to pay off $2,500 in charges because his car was parked there for 4 days.

This story should be a lesson for people who are unprepared. Always keep contact details of a tow truck company that you know are reputable and don’t rip you off. Also it was the duty of the tow truck driver to find out the address of the mechanic or at least ask the man which mechanic he preferred. If the man was working with a reputable company, he would have never gone through this.

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